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Didactic files (De Witte van Zichem)

Didactische fiches (De Witte van Zichem)

Ernest Claes wrote his novel "De Witte van Zichem" (Whitey) in the early 20th century, describing scenes unknown to present-day readers as youngsters in the 21st century aren't familiar with the way life was organised back then (in terms of religion, geography, politics, education etc.). The Miniemeninstituut pupils wrote their "didactical files" accompanying the comic book story line to explain exactly those little or unknown facts of Flemish rural life around 1901. They are available for download here in the Dutch beta-version. Updates and a translation into English will follow soon.

Whatsapp project (German)

Lesson stuff

Klasse 7b (Potsdam)

Übersicht der englischen Modalverben (Klasse 7b)
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The amazing abc's of London
The amazing abc‘s of london.ppsx
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Other classes


La Belgique
Présentation générale sur la Belgique en français
La Belgique.ppsx
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mit Notizen
La Belgique.pptx
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Quiz sur la Belgique
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Namika - Lieblingsmensch
German song to start the new school year with. Enjoy!
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World War 1: Irish soldiers in Flanders Fields
Aer Lingus flight magazine article on Irish traces in the Flemish trenches and World War 1 battlefields. Ideal to link history lessons to our project.
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CLIL lesson on water purification
Science and language brought together in this exploration project.
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Evaluation material

EPC evaluation model
Evaluation of Project Competences - an evaluation model for project competences (knowledge - skills - will to succeed). Now available in English (credits to Sheila Casey).
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Example Erasmus+ portfolio
Editable Word document available upon request @ dirk . staf @ min . ksleuven . be
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Dutch course using OneNote

Dutch course tryout version
Irish pupils in Leuven learned Dutch using OneNote
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Getting to know...

...your way around Leuven
Get to know Leuven by playing this murder game!
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