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Potsdam legends

19/6/2015: The Potsdam pupils involved in the comic book project went on a special legend bike tour today. Christine Anlauff, journalist and author of "Die schönsten Sagen und Legenden aus Potsdam" told several legendary stories on different locations in the city of Potsdam. Pupils took pictures to be used as backgrounds in their Pixton comic book while Christine Anlauff gave detailed information about the stories. It has been a wonderful experience and I'm happy I was invited. Compliments to the German team from the project coordinator!

Comic book project day in Potsdam

The Potsdam comic books are almost finished. All participating students worked in Pixton both at home and in the classroom. They finished their stories during a full project day on 1 October.

Here you can see a few screenshots of "der Brauhausberg", "der Faule See", "der Heilige See", "der Treue Schimmel" und "das Bauernrätsel". The combined stories (in German) will be available soon.

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