IES Alto Palancia - Segorbe (Spain)


IES Alto Palancia is located in the east coast of Spain near Valencia. There are both secondary students, 16-19 years old, and vocational training students, 16-50 years old, about 700 students and 70 teachers. Generally, our students come from a rural town and area, Segorbe and the small communities around it. They come from a variety of social-economic backgrounds. The creation of the Max Aub Foundation in Segorbe marked the town’s cultural interest in safeguarding and promoting the memory of this writer and his works, which the school fosters among its students.


The school provides education in scientific, technological and humanities modalities to the secondary students. Language and literature play a key role in their curriculum, being compulsory for all of them. Our students are bilingual (Spanish and Catalan) and study two foreign languages, English and French. The challenge our school faces is to enhance its European dimension with collaborative projects with other countries, developing our students communicative and multicultural skills.


Dra. Manuela López has a solid background in the study of the literature of the USA, specifically Toni Morrison and Nathaniel Hawthorne, closely connected with folktales and the storytelling tradition. She has published articles in different professional journals worldwide, some of them connected with these topics. She has a long professional experience as a teacher at different levels. She is experienced in EU projects and has intensive training in aspects concerning school improvement, school curriculum, teacher education, new technologies, new approaches to the teaching of the foreign language, etc.


Mª José Ballester Ferrandis has a degree in engineering in computer management. She is an information technology and communication teacher with 12 years of teaching experience. She specializes in open source applications, in relation to this project, in InkScape (Vector Drawing application) and Gimp (Digital Image Processing).


Dr. Alfonso Gual Gual has a long experience as a university and high school philosophy teacher. He has published numerous articles and books on ethics, philosophy, anthropology, mythology, religion, logics, communication, education. He  has intensive training in aspects concerning media, communication and new technologies.


Ana Isabel Llorente has a long professional experience as a high school teacher. She has published some articles on tales (some of them related to the Max Aub Foundation) and some learning guides. She has authored some textbooks on Spanish and Spanish literature. 


Lola Furio Gallart has a degree in Valencian and Valencian literature. She has a long professional experience as a high school teacher. She has authored some books about history, language and literature of the Valencian Community. She has training in new technologies and foreign languages.


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