Maxine's mobility

Sadly, my adventure in Spain is over. My month over there passed really quickly. It literally just flew by. I had a wonderful time over there and I met a lot of nice people who I’d love to stay in contact with. I know now that this has been an exceptional experience and I am really glad that I took this chance. Both host families were really lovable and warm. When you go and live in a foreign country, you get to know yourself better. I found out that I am not the difficult person I thought I was. But I cannot deny that you do notice the cultural differences, for example the times the Spanish eat and the way they organise things are different. No offence, but I have the feeling that the people from Spain are less organised than we are. They take everything more easily. I also had the feeling that the Spanish enjoy the little things in life more than we do, which is something we could learn from, among others, for instance they spend a lot more time with their families. Especially on Sundays they come together and have lunch or dinner with the whole family. Something I would love to do with mine too. The Spanish are also real fruit lovers and so am I. They eat fruit almost after every meal. On some days, I went with the whole family picking all the olives from the trees. Later we changed it for olive oil at the olive factory, as they only cook with olive oil and not with butter as we do. My second host family harvest around 10,000 kilos of mandarins every year and sell them in front of the door and to the department stores, which is a nice way to make money. They also have mandarin and pomegranates, which has become my favourite fruit since my stay. I actually thought that the Spanish were more religious but none of that was true.

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