Lincy's mobility

I was one of the pupils who got the honour of going on a learning mobility. During this trip, there were a lot of aspects which I have learned from. To begin with of course some independence and new culture but also the fact that you need to deal with emotions you never had before. I started this trip as an independent person who definitely knew what she wanted. This journey was meant to broaden my horizon as I am very interested in other cultures. To my belief there is more to discover than our little Belgium so I was ecstatic to have this opportunity. I knew in the beginning what my points of views were but I was open minded to change them. My trip abroad didn’t go without any struggles. Although I started this trip with enthusiasm, my first days were the hardest. It took me some days to settle in and to realise I really jumped into this adventure. I was scared of my remaining time because this was the first time I was away from home for such a long period. During this period my family were a wonderful support for me. Looking back on my stay in Spain and Italy, I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m really looking forward to the next 2 months. 

Throughout my stay I noticed some differences with Italy. The most obvious thing for me was the difference of time in eating. In Italy it is normal to eat a hot meal for lunch at 2 pm. After I returned back home this was the reason I gained 5 kilos. But I love the Italian cuisine! This is definitely my favourite type of food with all the delicious types of pasta and chocolate desserts. Secondly, I noticed that family values are crucial in Italy. They stand up for every family member and work hard to keep each other happy. It wasn’t hard for me to adjust to everyday life because it looked a lot like mine. The thing I liked most about the school is the fact that people with a (even severe) disability can attend regular school. Teachers put a lot of effort in the joy of these people. It was wonderful to see them so happy. When I returned home, I noticed that I changed perspective on certain things. I really enjoy simple things more such as spending time with friends and family. 

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