Giel's mobility

From 4 November until 2 December, I went to Sandnessjøen, Norway. I started my journey very openminded. I was ready for anything to come at me. Even though I had this mindset, I was still pretty stressed when I left. When I arrived, I didn’t notice a lot of differences in culture. Maybe this is because of that very mindset or because of the warm welcome of my hosts. I did have to change some of my habits. A good example is just an average day schedule. I learnt to enjoy the daylight much more than in Belgium. The sun rose at about 9:30 am and set already at 3:00 pm. This made me go out more in those hours of sunshine. At school, I noticed that a lot of people were calmer than in Belgium. Here a lot of people are stressed and swamped with work. In Norway there is also a lot of work to do but they aren’t so stressed about it. They will take care of it in a more relaxed way. I also noticed that a lot of people at school spoke English to me. This made me really comfortable but at the flipside this was a pity since I wanted to learn

Norwegian. I enjoyed the experience of an exchange programme and I would do it again if I had the chance. 

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