Learning mobility blog 2016

Michal (Rush)

Saturday 20/02/16: I didn't get any sleep at night because our flight was so early. I arrived at the airport at 4 am. We arrived in Brussels at around 9 am. We spotted Dirk with a page with our names on it. I introduced myself to all of the families. I then went with Els, Friedl and Margrit to the house where I got to meet the rest of the family. I was surprised as the house was much nicer than I expected. At 12:30 I went for lunch at the grandparents house. I tried deer meat for the first time. I also had home made Belgian fries. They were really nice!! Later that day I went to the city to collect my bike. We also explored a bit of Leuven. I got to see the Carnival parade too.

Sunday 21/02/16: After a good sleep I got breakfast. I then later went with the family to the city by bike. I got to know my route to the school. We had lunch in a restaurant. I had banana pancakes. I also got to see the cathedral and the town hall. Later that day I unpacked and studied my timetable.


Monday 22/02/16: Today I woke up early to get ready for school. When I arrived at school I got my student card. We got a tour around the school. The school is definitely different but its more relaxed. The worst thing was we had to do PE (sport) in our jeans. After a day of school I had to cycle by myself. It was raining so I got soaked. I got a shower. Later that day I had dinner. I had meat love with potatoes which was really nice. I then went to sleep because I was really tired.


Tuesday 23/02/16: On Tuesday I slept in. I still managed to get to school on time. On that day I went to like 2 or 3 English classes because I didn't have a choice. I didn't do much after school, I just read the book Whitey, a Flemish folk novel that the pupils involved in Strip to Identity project are turning into a comic book.


Wednesday 24/02/16: Today I arrived at school a bit later than usual but still on time. Today I had a half day but I really only had 2 classes because the last two I did PE. I went to the city with my new made friends and the other three students from Ireland. We explored Leuven. After school I went straight to the other grandparents house. I met more family members there. I also tried pumpkin soup for the first time. The dinner was very similar to a typical Polish meal. It was a piece of meat with potatoes and salad. We arrived home late that day.


Thursday 25/02/16: Today in school I worked a lot on the comic book that the year was doing. So I was fixing the grammar most of the time. In the afternoon I went to Evelinas house. I got to meet another family. I had to cycle for good 20 minutes back so as soon as I got home I went to sleep.


Friday 26/02/16: Today everybody was awake in school as everybody was looking forward to the long weekend. I went to a small party in the evening with a Belgian and Evelina.


Saturday 27/02/16: I finally was able to wake up a bit later. I went shopping to Leuven in the afternoon. When I got home I had dinner. In the evening we played some card games. I also read more of the Whitey.


Sunday 28/02/16: Today I woke up early for another busy day. In the morning I had breakfast as usual. Afternoon I went to a birthday party with the family. There were a lot of people there. At around 4:30 pm I went to Leuven to pick up Patrick. We then went to Evelina's. We explored the area. Then me and Patrick got the bus back home.

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