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Evelina (Rush)

First week in Belgium


Monday morning I woke up at 6:30 am which wasn't too bad of a struggle for me as I was ready by 6:45 am. When I was ready I went downstairs and had my breakfast with the family. I had cereal and a glass of water, by that time it was 7:15 and I had to leave the house to get my bus for school. The bus stops at the station so I still have to walk up to school but it only takes about 5 minutes.


On that Monday I had to wait for Dirk, the project coordinator and the (other) Irish students. When everyone had arrived Dirk showed us around the school so we would know our way around. After that Dirk took us to a computer class where students were working on their version of the Strip to Identity comic book. We had to introduce ourselves to the students as they did too.


We were given timetables so we would know what classes we would have. After the computer class we went to an English class, but we got lost as the school is big and we weren't too sure how to read the timetable yet but we found it eventually.


After school I and the others split our different ways to go home. I had to go to the station to wait for my host student as I wasn't yet sure how to get back home. When I got home dinner was almost ready so I had to get prepared for it. After diner I talked with the host family for a while. The children had to go to bed at 10 o'clock as they had school the following day same as me.

The first Monday in school wasn't too bad. Everyone was very welcoming which was very kind of them.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday went flying by. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school myself, Patrick, Ciarán and Michal went to hang out with new friends. On Friday the PE teacher asked us if we wanted to go ice skating. We had to take bikes to the area where the ice skating was held. It took us 15 minutes to get there and back. It was very fun and I learned how to ice skate.

24 March 2016


The first week of March started off with me getting a terrible cold, that lasted the whole week. On the Sunday Michal’s host family invited me, Patrick and Ciarán to go to Antwerp. The journey from Leuven to Antwerp took at least an hour by car. When we got there Michal’s host family dropped off me, Patrick, Ciaran and Michal near the river Scheldt as Michal’s host family had to go to the theatre. We walked around the city and then we went to a shopping street called Meir and walked around there. At around 6 o’clock we went for dinner with Michal’s host family, I ordered a steak which was very well made. After dinner we went to explore the city more while the host family went back to the theatre. The day in Antwerp went very well and I’m glad I got to go.


On the 8th

myself and Patrick had a flight to Ireland as we were going to go to France with our class from Ireland the following day. The few days in France went flying by. We were busy from day to night. We did a lot of activities and a lot of walking. We visited a lot of things too. I returned to Belgium on the 15th of March, which was a Tuesday I was told from my host mother that I will be attending “Sint-Pieterscollege” with my host sister Ilke for the week as the students in Miniemeninstituut have exams and there wouldn’t be any classes I could attend. The following day I took the bus with Ilke to her school. Sint-Pieterscollege was a bigger school than Miniemeninstituut, there campus was bigger and they had more students who attend the school. The classrooms are much bigger therefore there’s more students in a class. The lessons were taught in Dutch, some teachers made an effort to teach the students there lessons in English which was interesting for me.


The week after I went back to Miniemeninstituut to have lessons with Patrick and Dirk as

Michal had left to Poland and Ciaran had gone to France and students still had exams .We spent the day working on our projects, we looked up the differences between Belgian, Lithuanian and Irish schools, information we need to write our Erasmus+ assignment.


Tuesday morning me and Patrick were in school and had been informed of what had

happened at the Brussels Airport and the Maelbeek metro station. We were in shock of what had happened. We got sent home at lunch time as the principle told us all to go. That afternoon I received messages from my friends and my family if I was fine and if everything was okay. It’s a tragedy what had happened in Brussels and I feel terribly sorry for the people who had lost someone in the attack. What we can do now is pray for the lost and injured ones and move on with the day as we cannot show the terrorist that we are weak and


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