Long-term learning mobilities

for pupils

Together with the application with focus on literacy, we have also applied for Erasmus+ subsidies to make long-term learning mobilities for pupils (previously called IPM, individual pupil mobility) possible. After all, improved reading skills eventually lead to better study skills and better chances at higher education and job level.


What does this imply?


Since we have managed to get the necessary fundings (covering travel expenses and providing some monthly pocket money), a number of pupils will be able to go to school in one of the partnership schools for a period of 2 up to 10 months. Pupils will then stay in host families.


In this case, pupils will have to apply and convince their class teachers, members of the class conference and headmasters to let them go on a learning mobility abroad.


Pupils will sign an individual learning agreement, drawn up by their teachers. This learning agreement contains the subject contents of subjects to be studied individually, through e-learning or lessons at the partner school. Also the way these subject contents will be tested (orally, written test, essay, report, ...), will be agreed upon in this agreement.  


If you are interested in studying abroad (at one of the partner schools), please read the following online guide carefully. It contains important information on your possible preparation!

Guidelines for a succesful stay at SANDNESSJØEN VIDEREGÅENDE SKOLE, Norway.
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Planning to go to our partner school in Norway? Then you should take a look at these guidelines to prepare yourself for a successful learning mobility in the north.

Irish-Belgian pupil exchanges


First days at Miniemeninstituut for Evelina, Ciarán, Patrick and Michal. Their first blogs are now available. Also this school year Belgium's Miniemeninstituut (Leuven) and Ireland's St. Joseph's (Rush) are organising their mutual long-term learning mobilities for pupils. Many thanks to the volunteering host families in Leuven and a warm welcome to the pupils!  Last year Sophie, Ellie and Ross were the first ones to swap schools. Read about their experiences here. 

All Belgian delegation members as well as the Irish guest pupils (Evelina, Patrick, Ciarán, Michal) in Leuven are fine. Thank you all very much for your supporting messages after the March 2016 terrorist attacks in Brussels.


Our heart is full of sorrow for the vile attacks in Brussels. Let's share Robert Schuman's words spoken on 9 May 1950: "World peace cannot be safeguarded without the making of creative efforts proportionate to the dangers which threaten it....The contribution which an organized and living Europe can bring to civilization is indispensable to the maintenance of peaceful relations....Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity." Let's maintain the relationship we created. Let's keep moving on. We won't surrender! Never!

External partner (La Réunion) welcomes tourism student on a 5-week traineehip


Miniemeninstituut's tourism student Margot Laperre is spreading her wings! Thanks to the invitation of Strip to Identity's external partner school Lycée Sarda Garriga on the Isle of Réunion in the Indian Ocean, our last-year student is able to follow a week of school, do a three-week traineeship in local tourism and spend another week of backpacking! What a great opportunity for both Margot and our schools to extend our networking relationships. Follow Margot's blog here...

Yesterday Italian school IIS Podesti Onesti (Chiaravalle/Ancona) sent three of its pupils on a learning mobility to our partner school in Norway. Camilla Medici, Angelica Zingaro and Precious Obasuyi have embarked on a 3-month mobility. Here you can follow their adventures

During the summer holidays Leuven pupil Ymke Decat (16) prepared to go on her long-term learning mobility at IIS Podesti Onesti secondary school in Chiaravalla/Ancona, Italy. Her language training was provided by Italian SEN teacher Martina Giuliano, as part of her long-term teaching mobility in Leuven. Ymke is using the "Flipped Classroom method". You can stay updated on Ymke's stay by visiting Ymke's blog on her Facebook page. The final result of an integrated assignment on Europe, its institutions, identity and challenges can be downloaded here. Credits to Mrs. Roberta Mosca, Diego Ciacci and Ymke Decat.


Living in Italy for three months taught me a lot. I learnt to study in an independent way and I finally know the best way for me to study. My languages skills improved a lot because I was kind of forced to speak in another language. This language was mostly English but I also used French. I could even study German individually thanks to the online course material my teachers provided. And I never thought that I would understand Italian after this long learning mobility and I could only dream about being able to say a few things in this language. But thanks to this amazing project I actually can. Of course this is about school. I also got to know the differences in culture. I think the two biggest differences are food and the way of living. They spend a lot of time in making their dishes. And they eat a lot too. About their way of living I can say that they enjoy it more. For me I learnt to be independent and not to lean on people too much. I had some difficult days which made me miss home. But mostly I had great days where I got to eat new things and see new things. Because of this I got the chance to go to Milan. So this learning experience was positive for me although it feels nice to be home.


Ellie Fagan and Ross Deane from Rush (Ireland) are the next two travelling pupils going on a Strip to Identity learning mobility. Ross stayed for 8 weeks, Ellie extended her stay to 12 weeks, both learning applied informatics, history, art & culture, tourism, geography, economics, assisting during the English lessons and Ross has also added French to his curriculum. Read all about their experiences here...

Less smiling faces at Brussels Airport tonight though... as Ellie Fagan finally returned to Dublin. Ellie had to return back home (what is home actually?) after a 12-week learning mobility in Leuven. Ellie attended a full timetable of lessons and rounded up her stay writing this assignment in which she compares St. Joseph's (Rush) and Miniemeninstituut (Leuven) as well as education systems in both countries. Her blog adds a personal touch to Ellie's story. Happy reading!!

Our comic book project is certainly the most obvious part of our international cooperation.

Less known but definitely with a huge impact on both personal and school community level are our long-term learning mobilities.

Belgium's Miniemeninstituut sent off its 3rd long-term studying mobility student to one of its partner schools. Liese Steenwinckel went to Potsdam (near Berlin) for almost 8 weeks and came back with a suitcase full of new experiences, followed an intensive (natural) German course and many more subjects combined with an individual learning agreement. You can read her experiences on her Facebook page.

From 16/1 until 18/3/ 2015, Sophie Laane attended lessons and got an experience of a lifetime at St. Joseph's in Rush, Ireland. 

After Bert Dierick, Belgian student who went to school in Norway, also fellow-schoolmate Sophie Laane tok on the challenge to go and study abroad. Read about her impressions on her Facebook page!

Curious about what a learning mobility could mean for you?


Bert Dierick's Facebook page will help you understand. In his last Facebook report he wrote: "It seems almost unreal, but in 3 weeks I’ll be going home again. That leaves me with mixed feelings of course. I really look forward to going home and meet all the people I had to leave behind for months, but on the other hand; I will really miss everything here in Sandnessjøen". Bert, you have already inspired many fellow-pupils back home to give an international twist to their traditional school career. Congratulations!!

In 2012, our students Lentel Devillé and Steffi De Roover went to our Italian partner school "Liceo Classico Virgilio" in Vico del Gargano.

Read the information about their Facebook page.

Together with 3 students (Rob, Pieter and Walat) who went to Saint-Gildas des Bois, France, the same year, they initiated Individual Pupil Mobilities or long-term learning mobilities, as they are called now in Erasmus+. Thanks to their experiences we have learned how to improve the organization of study mobilities abroad.

In 2013, three last-year students (Jolien, Lynn and Magali) of the tourism department of our school (Miniemeninstituut) went to our partner school in Sint-Gildas des Bois, Brittany to do a 1-month apprenticeship. If you are lucky enough to understand Dutch, then read all about it in this report.

Report Comenius internship St. Gildas des Bois 2013 (in Dutch)
verslag stage Frankrijk Jolien Perdieus
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