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Sustainable education

KULeuven professor Kris Van den Branden - key note speaker at the final conference meeting in Leuven (Irish Institue, Friday 6 May) - elaborated on the project content of Strip to Identity as a good example of sustainable education. Click this link to read the full article (in Dutch) on, professor Van den Branden's blog on 21-st century competence education.

Best practice in Erasmus+

In 2017, the 30th anniversary of Erasmus is celebrated both at the European level and across all Programme Countries. At the same time, the mid-term review for the Erasmus+ Programme is scheduled for this year. Against this background, the German National Agency invited to a European conference on Dissemination and Impact in the School Sector. 214 participants from 31 programme countries took part in the 2-day conference. On the conference - a transnational cooperation activity (TCA) between National Agencies – about 90 best practice results in the field of school education were presented in thematic workshops and in the conference exhibition. Furthermore, conference participants reflected about success factors for projects and their dissemination and developed visions for the future of European collaboration in the school sector. Strip to Identity coordinator Dirk Staf presented our project to the audience in a thematic workshop. Our project can also be found on p. 14 of the project compendium.

Online orders

Strip2ID comic book collection, Whitey (EN) and De Witte van Zichem (NL)

Dear visitors,


Three printed editions are now available and can be ordered online through our comic book order form.

All editions - Comic book collection, Whitey (English version) and De Witte van Zichem (Nederlandse versie) - cost €15 (possible shipping costs not included).


Looking forward to your orders!


The Strip to Identity team

From 2-6 May all delegations met for the closure event in Brussels and Leuven. Pupils and teachers have now written their reports on a great weak full of activities and many more will follow shortly. In the "Closure event May 2017" section we will publish more pictures, travel and impact reports etc. in the next few days and weeks.

Final conference on regional tv

Final conference in Belgium

2 - 6 May, Irish Institute, Leuven

Short programme overview:


4 May, Parlamentarium, Brussels
  • 11.00 - 12.30: inauguration comic book dispenser by Bart Staes, Lieven Boeve and Jill Peiffer and key notes by pupils and teachers
  • 14.00 - 16.00: visit to the Parlamentarium (pupils and teachers only)
5 May, Irish College, Leuven
  • 16.00: academic lecture by prof. Kris Van den Branden (education for the 21st-century) and key notes by coordinators, headmasters, pupils and teachers
  • 17.45: reception
  • 19.00 - 20.00: concert by Lennaert & The Bonski's

We have a comic book!

Errebi printers in Falconara (Italy) finished their offset work on our comic books. Meanwhile also the vending machine - adapted by the Ancona pupils - was loaded into the rental van and shipped to Belgium.


Come back to this page to witness the results of our hard work!


We will add more pictures and videos rendering "the making of" our comic book collection.



Long-term teaching mobility reports

Here you find the reports by the participants to the teaching mobility in Norway. Teachers from Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Italy (report, pictures) and Spain (report) took part. This training mobility got attention in this local newspaper article (Helgelandsblad). Also our Irish colleagues organised a teacher training mobility in their school in Rush (Dublin). Here you can read the reports. The JSTM was attended by teachers from Belgium (report, Dutch), Germany (report), Norway and Spain (report). 

Learning mobility in Belgium

Since my arrival on Thursday 18 March, I’ve done and experienced a lot of new things. In a nutshell, I have incorrectly pronounced every Dutch word I’ve tried to say, wished everyone a Happy St. Patricks Day and then explained who St. Patrick is, attended the funeral of a well-beloved hamster, and experienced how it feels like to be new to a school. Click here to read more about Emma's stay in Leuven... Meanwhile also Leah has arrived for her long-term study mobility. You'll be able to read Leah's blog here. Also other pupils had a long-term international experience. All reports can be found here!

Apprenticeship in Germany

KA2 projects have a nice side effect: schools widen their networks and this is what happened thanks to the long-term teaching mobility at Potsdam's Einsteingymnasium. At one of the city's nicest hotels - just in front of the school - Miniemeninstituut tourism student Karen applied for a 3-week apprenticeship and got the job. "What an experience it has been", Karen says. Read all about it in her first report (written in Dutch).

Learning mobility in Ireland

Saturday 4/2 Stijn Van Goethem and Daniel Vanermen left for Dublin (Rush) on their Erasmus+ individual long-term pupil mobility. Their experience in Ireland and at St. Joseph's Secondary School in Rush can be followed through this Facebook blog. Daniël: "The weekend I arrived back, I went with my host dad, Tim, to Whoth. A beautiful little town only half an hour drive away from Rush. Whoth is a very cosy and pretty town..."

Stijn: "This week I started working for school immediately. I already had homework for Japanese and English. For Japanese I had to learn a dialogue by heart and I had to fill in an example exam question. I also had to write a blog in English (on paper) about cyberbullying..." Enjoy the reading and stay tuned!

New way of learning

Leuven pupils made online tutorials in Dutch and English on the use of SharePoint, Outlook and Pixton. These programmes allow a new way of teaching and learning.


Interested or at least curious? Take a look and discover how ICT can change your attitude towards learning and improve your ICT and language skills and key competences. Here's the link to the Strip2ID student website.


From 18 - 24 January two Belgian pupils and 2 teachers flew to Ljubljana to assist the Slovenian partners with their work on the comic book and first steps using Office 365. Read the report in the transnational mobility section of this website.

Mobilities to Norway

Individual learning mobilities in Sandnessjøen

Belgium's final grade students Giel Baertsoen and Valentin Vanderstraeten are on their way to Norway for their individual pupil mobility. Next week also Miniemeninstituut's SEN-teachers are visiting Sandnessjøen on a one-week job shadowing mobility. Come back to this website and follow their activities.

Joint-staff training event in Norway

In Sandnessjøen (Norway) the whole month of September was dedicated to another joint-staff training event. Teachers from Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium took part in all sorts of pedagogical activities, were invited to have a look behind the (school management) scenes etc. Feedback on this training event was published both in the Norwegian and Spanish press and the personal feedback reports written by the participating teachers. We wish you happy reading: article 1 (N) | article 2, article 3 (E) | personal report 1 (E). More articles and reports are available in the Teaching Mobility section.

Segorbe in the picture

Our project partners in Segorbe (Spain) are receiving Maxine and Lincy, two Belgian final grade pupils for their Strip to Identity learning mobility. We are very grateful to coordinator Manuela, her pupils, colleagues and the host families for their efforts and warm welcome. Lincy and Maxine will be staying until mid November, attend lessons at IES Alto Palancia (Segorbe), be our linking bridges in the final stages of the creation of the Pixton comic books and do supervised distance learning activities using Smartschool and Microsoft Sharepoint educational platforms, practising 21st-century learning skills and bringing modern teaching into practice. Good luck and enjoy! Follow their mobility on their Facebook page or on Lincy's blog.

A group of three teachers and six students from Sandnessjøen in Norway and a teacher from Ancona in Italy visited Alto Palancia (Segorbe) for a 10-day period (20-30 September). The teachers visiting us participated in school lessons, meetings with our colleagues, sharing ideas and educational experiences. The Norwegian students were hosted by the families of our students. Both European teachers and students have been involved in a variety of educational and leisure activities. It has been a rich exchange of ideas, language and culture, a great experience for all participants. Also available: press article 1 | article 2 | article 3.

Comic books from China

Pupils from Shanghai Cao Yang No.2 High School in China sent us their astonishing hand and self-made comic books. German teacher Julia Martensen, who spent 3 years on a teacher exchange herself, supervised the pupils' hard work.


Visit the "Outcome Example" section and take a close look at the Chinese comic books.


You can download them in 3 languages: Chinese, German and English.


Congratulations to Julia's pupils. You have done a great job and we are proud to call you our Strip to Identity partners!

Belgian comic book

Copies of the comic book (Dutch version) can be ordered online.

Official partner of Strip to Identity

Watch our promotional clips below...


This website is dedicated to our Key Action 2 school partnership "Strip to Identity".


"Strip to Identity" is secondary school-to-school project, using comic books, comic book software, language, IT and other subjects to create a comic book collection compiled by pupils from many different countries all over Europe (and Asia). All comic books will be based on local picaresque or traditional characters.


The broader project scope is literacy, i.e. the importance of reading skills, the pleasure of reading, solutions to possible reading difficulties and eventually new opportunities to secondary school pupils to study in the interesting, inspiring and motivating environment of an Erasmus+ school partnership.


You will find more information in the project summary.


"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

"Study the past if you want to define the future."

(Confucius, Chinese philosopher)

It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.

(Oscar Wilde)


"Visual literacy is vital to storytelling" (Hannah Maguire, illustrator, Dublin)

Meanwhile... curious to get to know the differences and similarities between our national school systems? Eurypedia is a tool developed by the EU education department to compare the different systems. You can search by country, education level, topic etc. Have a look!

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