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Comic books from China

Pupils from Shanghai Cao Yang No.2 High School in China sent us their astonishing hand and self-made comic books. German teacher Julia Martensen, who spent 3 years on a teacher exchange herself, supervised the pupils' hard work.


Visit the "Outcome Example" section and take a close look at the Chinese comic books.


You can download them in 3 languages: Chinese, German and English.


Congratulations to Julia's pupils. You have done a great job and we are proud to call you our Strip to Identity partners!

Italian comics ready to be read

The Italian pupils made 2 comics. The school in Ancona chose the famous 18th-century adventurer Giacomo Casanova as their main character. Casanova came to Ancona more than once. It's a cosmopolitan city which was really dear to him and where he had two of his great affairs. The school in Chiaravalle based their comic on the famous Inferno by Dante. However, they turned it into a love story between Francesca and Paolo. Visit our "Outcome examples" page and enjoy both stories, available in English.

Press conference comic book

Leuven pupils proudly present their comic book

"de Witte van Zichem"


Click the image on the right to read the newspaper article in

"Het Laatste Nieuws" (in Dutch).

Also in "Het Nieuwsblad" a nice article has been published. Click here to read it (in Dutch).

Local newspaper "De Streekkrant" published this article.


Follow this link to download the official press release (in Dutch, pdf).

Listen to the radio interview coordinators Diederik Roelandts and Dirk Staf gave today at the Radio 2 Vlaams-Brabant studio.

Copies of the comic book (Dutch version) can be ordered online.

Leuven visits Potsdam/Berlin

From 29/4 to 4/5 class 5 IPM (international project management) is travelling to visit Potsdam (city and partner school) and Berlin on a programme made by coordinator Dirk Staf as part of his long-term teaching mobility at the Potsdam Einsteingymnasium. It will be a learning experience consisting of cultural and historical highlights, workshops about dictatorships throughout German history, resistance against totalitarianism and opportunities to feel the heartbeat of the German capital city and its Brandenburg satellite. 

Pain in Brussels

All Belgian delegation members as well as the Irish guest pupils in Leuven are fine. Thank you all very much for your supporting messages.

Our heart is full of sorrow for the vile attacks in Brussels. Let's share Robert Schuman's words spoken on 9 May 1950: "World peace cannot be safeguarded without the making of creative efforts proportionate to the dangers which threaten it....The contribution which an organized and living Europe can bring to civilization is indispensable to the maintenance of peaceful relations....Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity." Let's maintain the relationship we created. Let's keep moving on. We won't surrender! Never!

Does European identity exist? 

Please fill in our questionnaire about European Identity.
Click the image below.

Are you a secondary-school pupil?
Is your school situated in Europe?

Then please stop here for 5 minutes and answer our set of questions on European identity.

We will publish the results of the overall survey on this website as soon as possible.

Press conference in Italy

Transnational mobility in Segorbe

Strip to Identity has reached its cruising speed! While project delegations from Ireland, Norway, Belgium, Italy and Slovenia met in Potsdam, Belgian pupils, teachers and headmaster met the Italians in Ancona for a press conference and presentation of the comic book dispenser, Spanish and Italian delegations met in Segorbe. Also this visit reached the local press and here's the proof. Read all about it here... or directly at "actualidad.segorbe" and the school website.

Teaching mobility in Potsdam

From 7-19 March our colleagues from Einsteingymnasium in Potsdam are hosting teacher delegations from Ireland, Norway, Slovenia, Italy and Belgium for a short-term teaching mobility. We have already had some workshops to share good teaching practices, learn about each other's pedagogical systems and the inclusion of ICT into our lessons thanks to Microsoft, our project partner. 

External partner (La Réunion) welcomes tourism student on a 5-week traineehip

Miniemeninstituut's tourism student Margot Laperre is spreading her wings! Thanks to the invitation of Strip to Identity's external partner school Lycée Sarda Garriga on the Isle of Réunion in the Indian Ocean, our last-year student is able to follow a week of school, do a three-week traineeship in local tourism and spend another week of backpacking! What a great opportunity for both Margot and our schools to extend our networking relationships. Follow Margot's blog here...

Irish-Belgian pupil exchange

First days at Miniemeninstituut for Evelina, Ciarán, Patrick and Michal. Their first blogs are now available. Also this school year Belgium's Miniemeninstituut (Leuven) and Ireland's St. Joseph's (Rush) are organising their mutual long-term learning mobilities for pupils. Many thanks to the volunteering host families in Leuven and a warm welcome to the pupils!  Last year Sophie, Ellie and Ross were the first ones to swap schools. Read about their experiences here. 

Who was Casanova?

The pupils from the Italian partners in Ancona want to tell two stories starring the famous 17th-century adventurer Giacomo Casanova, who visited the city quite a few times during his life. The pupils changed a few things however. Curious to know how they interpret the story of the famous Italian lover? Click the pdf-file link to have a sneak preview of the Italian version! You can also find it among the other contributions by the partner schools in Germany, Slovenia, Turkey, Belgium and Spain. 

Giacomo Casanova
The story of is life.
strip to identity.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 25.5 MB

Welcome back Ymke 

"Living in Italy for three months taught me a lot", says Ymke (left). "I learnt to live and study independently and I finally got to know the best way for me to study. I improved my foreign language skills as I was forced to speak (mostly) English and French. I never thought I would understand Italian so quickly and I could only dream of being able to express myself. But thanks to this amazing project I actually can! I also got to know the differences in culture: mainly food and the way of living. Italians spend a lot of time making their dishes. And they eat a lot too!! About their way of living I can say that they enjoy it more. I also got the chance to go to Milan. So this learning experience was positive for me although it feels nice to be home." Read more background information here...

Comic book master class in Valencia

On 5 and 12 February 2015, students who are participating in the European Project Erasmus+ "Strip to Identity" were given a master class by the Valencian artist Sento Llobell. It was a pleasure to hear him talking about comic books origins, their evolution and especially about narrative patterns and secrets of such genre. Read the full article here... Interested in the outcome example of the comic book made in Pixton? Follow this link. Below you can even watch the recorded master class video with subtitles in English. Click and enjoy!

Teaching mobility in Italy 

From 7 to 21 November Belgian co-coordinator Diederik Roelandts, informatics teacher at Miniemeninstituut, started the first part of his long-term teaching mobility in Chiaravalle/Ancona. A full programme of (co)teaching, leading SharePoint workshops and job shadowing activities await him there. Diederik's full report (in Dutch) is now available here. Do you want to know more about Diederik's "new way of teaching"? Then read this article.

Long-term teaching mobility in Potsdam

Strip to Identity is multi-layered: pupils work on comic books in the class room, do project work on traditions, legends, local stories and eventually identity. Another layer is the possibility to go abroad and experience the partner schools from the inside: e.g. a 2-week job mobility to Ireland, a 1-month mobility to Norway, a 2-month mobility to Italy and an 11-month mobility to Potsdam’s Einsteingymnasium, Germany. Curious to know what Dirk Staf, language teacher and Strip to Identity project coordinator will be doing during his long-term teaching mobility in Potsdam? Regular blog reports are available here or you can find them directly through these links: August report  |  September report October report. He also shares his Whatsapp German "Landeskunde" corner, which he uses to send his students in Belgium some authentic puns, jokes, slogans as a fun way to learn German.

Learning mobility in Norway 

Yesterday Italian school IIS Podesti Onesti (Chiaravalle/Ancona) sent three of its pupils on a learning mobility to our partner school in Norway. Camilla Medici, Angelica Zingaro and Precious Obasuyi have embarked on a 3-month mobility. Here you can follow their adventures

German delegation in Ljubljana 

On 5 October we arrived after a 1.5-hour flight at 10.30 pm. The day after we were welcomed in a really nice way and already enjoyed Slovenian dishes like "potica". The Slovenian students showed us their school in the form of a nice presentation, a short tour through the school and a presentation on our comic book project work. After lunch we did a tour through Ljubljana and on Wednesday we visited the ethnic museum. Thursday and Friday we visited the Notranjska region: Postojna caves, Predjama castle and the Slovenian cost (cities of Piran, Portorož, and Koper).

Comic book project day in Potsdam 

The Potsdam comic books are almost finished. All participating students worked in Pixton both at home and in the classroom. They finished their stories during a full project day on 1 October.

Here you can see a few screenshots of "der Brauhausberg", "der Faule See", "der Heilige See", "der Treue Schimmel" und "das Bauernrätsel". The combined stories (in German) will be available soon.

Ellie heads back to Rush

Less smiling faces at Brussels Airport tonight though... as Ellie Fagan finally returned to Dublin. Ellie had to return back home (what is home actually?) after a 12-week learning mobility in Leuven. Ellie attended a full timetable of lessons and rounded up her stay writing this assignment in which she compares St. Joseph's (Rush) and Miniemeninstituut (Leuven) as well as education systems in both countries. Her blog adds a personal touch to Ellie's story. Happy reading!!

Ellie's assignment
Adobe Acrobat Document 1'012.3 KB

Potsdam legends

19/6/2015: The Potsdam pupils involved in the comic book project went on a special legend bike tour today. Christine Anlauff, journalist and author of "Die schönsten Sagen und Legenden aus Potsdam" told several legendary stories on different locations in the city of Potsdam. Pupils took pictures to be used as backgrounds in their Pixton comic book while Christine Anlauff gave detailed information about the stories. It has been a wonderful experience and I'm happy I was invited. Compliments to the German team from the project coordinator!

The power of networking

On Friday 5/6 Miniemeninstituut's international project coordinator Dirk Staf and tourism teacher Katrien Vermeulen travelled to Prague to meet Jean-Marie Manicom. Jean-Marie is a chemistry and physics teacher and project coordinator at Lycée Sarda Garriga on the Isle of Réunion.


Our partner school in Saint-André (red circle on the map) is one of our many external partners who also work on the comic book project.

As dissemination of our project activities and broadening our professional network is one of our main goals, we looked into the possibility of traineeships, individual pupil mobilties and job shadowing activities. Plans have been made to send two tourism students to Réunion in March 2016.


Click here for more information about La Réunion and Lycée Sarda Garriga.

In the picture

Our Turkish partners from Elazig have been very busy. Congratulations are in order!!

Summarizing the work they have done so far, students and coordinating teachers have recorded this video: the making of...

Our (external) Chinese partners have sent us some news!! They are working on the comic book stories in 3 groups.

They introduce themselves in the 3 files you can find below: group Reinhold, group Claudia and group Samantha.

Thank you, German colleague Julia Martensen (former Einsteingymnasium teacher) for all the hard and motivating work.

group Reinhold
Intro Group I _Reinhold&Girls.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.1 MB
group Claudia
Intro Group II Claudia&Co.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 325.7 KB
group Samantha
Intro Group III Samantha_Sara.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.4 MB

Brush up your Spanish and Catalan!!

Our partners from IES Alto Palancia, Segorbe published a couple of project articles in the local press. Good chance for all of your readers to practise your Spanish and Catalan.


  • article 1: El IES Alto Palancia ingresa en el programma Erasmus+
  • article 2: Una delegación de alumnos y profesores visita Bélgica para poner en marcha el proyecto
  • article 3: Viatge a Bèlgica 2014 amb Erasmus+

Poster made by Italian students

Class 4F in Chiaravalle, Italy wrote an article on the creation of the several project posters, one of which will be chosen as the official project poster.


Read all about the creative and technical process leading up to the beautiful results you can see in the slide show at the top of the page.



Official partner of Strip to Identity

Watch our promotional clips below...


This website is dedicated to our Key Action 2 school partnership "Strip to Identity".


"Strip to Identity" is secondary school-to-school project, using comic books, comic book software, language, IT and other subjects to create a comic book collection compiled by pupils from many different countries all over Europe (and Asia). All comic books will be based on local picaresque or traditional characters.


The broader project scope is literacy, i.e. the importance of reading skills, the pleasure of reading, solutions to possible reading difficulties and eventually new opportunities to secondary school pupils to study in the interesting, inspiring and motivating environment of an Erasmus+ school partnership.


You will find more information in the project summary.


"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

"Study the past if you want to define the future."

(Confucius, Chinese philosopher)

It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.

(Oscar Wilde)


"Visual literacy is vital to storytelling" (Hannah Maguire, illustrator, Dublin)

Meanwhile... curious to get to know the differences and similarities between our national school systems? Eurypedia is a tool developed by the EU education department to compare the different systems. You can search by country, education level, topic etc. Have a look!

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